Delivering First-Class Childcare Services

The Learning Academy is the best place to jumpstart your children’s learning journey. Our Smyrna, GA location has been open since 2014. We have recently opened our newest location in Austell, GA. Our childcare center offers a comfortable, child-friendly environment, first-class childcare services, and a team of proficient teachers, providing a set-up that is highly conducive to your children’s early learning and development. Rely on us for the optimal learning support for your precious kids during their formative years!

The Goals of Our Childcare Center

To provide a hands-on philosophy that allows each child to explore, learn, and reach their own individual goals.

To equip our children for the future in a safe, nurturing, and clean environment.

To deliver the highest quality of child care, education, and developmental services to our children, parents, and staff.

To maintain a positive and friendly environment for our families, staff, and the community.